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Herris Iannucci Sylcom Gritti

Herris Iannucci

Role: CEO



Maerne, Venezia

Date of Birth:

Aust 30th, 1972

Andrea Marcuglia

Role: CEO



Spinea, Venezia

Date of Birth:

Sept 13th, 1965

Andrea Marcuglia Sylcom Gritti

About Us

Gritti: a new way of thinking about light, a new vision of the whole. An Art-Design born from the high expression capacity of the ancient art of glass processing and an innovative reading of light sources. A new project that finds its foundations in a historic Venetian reality capable of thinking and evolving. Thought and evolution, man and the person are an intrinsic synonym in our abilities.

Work Experience



Andrea Marcuglia and Herris Iannucci live their work experience in a historic company in the north-east of Italy, Sylcom, manufacturer of blown glass lighting items, an excellence of Italian now-how. They develop their knowledge and skills in the two macro business areas: commercial and productive.

Herris Iannucci dedicates his professionalism to the research and development of the production sector and to the study and research of new concepts to be proposed. Over the years he has deepened and increased his knowledge in glass processing, grasping the secrets and peculiarities of this millenary art. Optimizes the production cycle in the company by supporting it with the implementation of the technical sector necessary for the study and compliance with the legislative compliance required in the various markets. It manages and develops the design of market requests.

Andrea Marcuglia designs, develops and manages the commercial area of ​​the Italian market, then taking over the company management. It organizes and implements a widespread sales network in the various markets to support an ever-expanding clientele. It analyzes tastes and trends of individual markets and implements commercial actions that soon lead the brand to position itself in the high-end of world markets, making it fully recognized as a value of excellence.




Andrea and Herris, with decades of experience in their areas of expertise and profound connoisseurs of the business reality, take over the Brand Sylcom. They conceive and develop an investment plan for the renewal and relaunch of the Brand, they carry out a review of the production and increase its peculiarities by proposing themselves in the various markets with increasingly prestigious concepts.
They further implement the Technical and Research and Development departments and further structure the commercial network.
They carry out a review of production and increase its peculiarities by proposing themselves in the various markets with increasingly prestigious concepts. Aware of the fact that Time is Evolution, they are thinking of a new project for a new vision of the whole.

The collaboration with Marc Sadler therefore leads to the union of two parallel worlds that borders on the new Gritti project: when a millenary art meets Design. Marc Sadler conceives and thinks for Gritti a series of products with an advanced technical content and then covering it with the fruit of that ancient art that is glass.

With the Lumina Naturae event, during the Design Week of the Milan Fuorisalone in September 2021, Gritti lands on the international scene with 7 product concepts. A preview of Gritti's thinking.
It was in the following months that Andrea, Herris and Marc worked closely together to give shape and voice to Gritti's way.

The year in witch at the Light & Building event in Frankfurt in October Gritti presented it's creations.

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